Saturday, 16 April 2011

In a funk

Ugh, I've been getting nowhere this week. I listed a couple of new things on Tuesday and since then, nada. So much for daily listing! I've made a commission for a friend, but that's all, and I haven't really done any promoting either. There's nothing wrong with taking a short holiday, but I don't feel any more energised than I did on Tuesday night. At least I've got some ideas in the pipeline, and also a necklace to remake before listing because I was a bit overzealous when finishing the ends and now it's strung too tightly. That shouldn't be too taxing a project to get on with.


  1. I've not been terribly successful at listing everyday on Folksy either! I have a spurt of creativity and make several items, which last me maybe a week then I run out of steam... oh well, I keep trying!

  2. Same here! Since posting that I made and listed three pendants in one day (should have spread them out!), and have since been flumping around doing nothing again. My partner's got the coming week off, so I'm hoping to palm the baby off on him and knuckle down to some serious making.