Friday, 1 April 2011

First post!

So, er, hello. Um. Is this thing on?

The name November Garden is associated with my jewellery business and I'll be blogging about that, but also about, oh, everything else. So with that in mind, here's a bit of an intro.

I'm Sarah, 27, living in Bristol. I moved here at the end of last summer. We needed to find somewhere cheaper to live than our beautiful cottage in beautiful Farnham, as I was on maternity leave and not bringing in my old salary. A work opportunity came up in the Bristol area for my husband and so we headed west. I'm now an at-home parent to our daughter (who turned one yesterday!). Around the edges of that I'm a freelance translator, and I also make and sell my own jewellery. It's all pretty awesome.

Right now I'm sitting on our big stripy sofa (yay IKEA), surrounded by packages of beads that I get to open once I've managed to tempt my poor poorly baby with some lunch. She's had half a leftover fairy cake so far, which I guess is a start.

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