Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Beautiful day

I'm resurfacing after a grotty cold - and, more importantly, after the kid having a grotty cold. We've been grizzling at one another for days now, but today things started to look up. It was beautifully sunny and warm, so we ambled gently out, just to the cafe at Sainsbury's for a coffee. (Not my first choice, but I didn't feel up to tackling the bus and there isn't really anything else within walking distance.) We had a nice time, and Madam enjoyed scooting around a small patch of floor trying to eat other people's dropped crumbs and god knows what else.

What with being grouchy and under the weather, I hadn't really made anything for a few days. I've been taking part in the April daily listings challenge on Folksy and ended up missing a couple of days, which is a bit rubbish this early in the month. But last night I turned out some pretty earrings that I'm able to price relatively low at £4.50:

The listing for those is here if you're interested. I've done six different colours (wanted to do more but I ran out of plum blossoms!).

Then this evening I strung up a necklace that I really am pleased with. It's a simple strand of creamy white glass pearls and these fabulous wooden beads that are striped with the natural grain of the wood. They've been well made, so that the stripes all run from top to bottom of each bead instead of every which way. I think they're just beautiful. I bought them a while ago and have been waiting for the right idea. I've put it all together with bronze-toned spacers and matching bead caps on the pearls. I've yet to take photos as I need some good natural light to do it in, so that'll have to wait for the morning. I also need to attach the clasp, and I think I'll leave that for the moment too, because I'm yawning fit to burst...

(Edit: it's saying I posted this at 16:12 but don't you listen, it's actually midnight. I don't habitually go to bed mid-afternoon, tempting though it is. I wonder what time zone it thinks I'm in?)

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