Friday, 22 April 2011

Folksy Friday

My first Folksy Friday post, hooray. For those not in the know, lots of Folksy members put together themed posts on Fridays to showcase other people's work that they admire.

After my post on materials and inspiration, it seems to me that I should do a series of Folksy Friday posts themed around particular materials. So here we go with my first theme - wood. Each image links to the item in question on Folksy.

First, I've been admiring this bowl from WeirdWood - the layers are so effective.

Secondly, a wood and copper necklace from Astrid's Garden. The copper beads are just beautiful. I've just spotted matching earrings in the shop, too.

Recycled skateboard beads from O'blue Thrashion - how awesome is this? And there's loads more recycled skateboard stuff in the shop.

A ring in boxwood, tambootie and silver from Tree Gems. Breathtaking. I wish I had the skill to produce something like this.

A blackthorn necklace from Spirit of the Woods. Again, I think this is just incredibly beautiful.

And finally, a silver birch vase from Equilibrium Designs. I'm a sucker for turned wood and this is gorgeous.


  1. Thank you very much for the feature and with such lovely items :)

  2. You're more than welcome, I think you stuff is amazing.

  3. Thanks for featuring my necklace. Other Items are stunning, loving O'blue's stuff